Book Quest Week, March 2015

During March 2015 FROGS collaborated with the school to organise Book Quest Week, a series of events to promote and celebrate literacy and learning.

 Children with author Helen Moss

[Photo: Helen Moss with national Phoenix Code art competition winner Serge Wynne and pupils from the school.]

It all started at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on World Book Day, when we exchanged 120 World Book Day tokens for £1 books.

The Book Quest Week opened with children finding an abandoned tent on the playground, and so began the Big Story...

There were visits to the school by storyteller Suzanne Houston, children's author Helen Moss, and illustrator Sam McLaughlan. These were interspersed with various Stop Drop and Read and shared reading activities. There was also a Poetry Competition and a Book Match.

At the assembly during her visit on March24, Ms Moss presented a prize to Serge Wynne (Year 6), who was the winner of a nationwide competition to create a picture inspired by Helen's book, The Phoenix Code. Serge's prize is to be a character in Helen's next book.

The completed Big Story was presented by Year 6 at a special assembly on Friday, March 27.

Helen Moss said: "I'm always very happy to maintain contact with schools I've visited, so please do let the children know that if they'd like to send me their stories for the website, or have any questions they'd like to ask, I'd be delighted to hear from them."

Commenting on his prize, Serge Wynne said: "I am really excited that I am going to be a character in Helen Moss’ next book. I am going to be Professor Serge Wynne, an expert in Mayan culture. I am pretty old with white frizzy hair but I also got to choose some of my characteristics. I’m French, very athletic (I won lots of cycling trophies in the past) and I have a bearded dragon on my shoulder."

These events involved FROGS funding and inspiring reading and literacy, a core area of the children's educational development. We also wanted to fund new books and equipment for the library.

FROGS contacted the author and storytellers, designed artwork, secured sponsorship and set up and ran several events. These events involved close collaboration with the school.

Forty-three KS2 children entered the poetry competition and 60 children in KS2 got their books signed by children's author Helen Moss. All families received a copy of the Ropley School "Why I like to read" poetry anthology and those completing the Book Quest Challenge will receive a special bookmark and certificate signed by Mrs Molyneux.

To read more about these and the other fantastic Book Quest events download the FROGS Newsletter, the Big Story, and the Poetry Competition E-Book at the bottom of this news page.

We hope that you and your children have enjoyed the first FROGS Book Quest Week. This programme of events was a new direction for FROGS so we would really appreciate feedback from you and your children. You can leave your comments at our online survey here. There are only two questions!

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