School Improvement Plan 2017-18

Every academic year the school develops an improvement plan. This is based on reports from OFSTED and Hampshire LA, interim assessments, external moderation and both staff and leadership team input. Our targets and areas for development for 2017-18 are:

Key Area 1: English: to accelerate progress in writing specifically with the more able children.

  1. Increase the range of opportunities for writing within a range of genres to link with curriculum planning.
  2. Develop a more consistent approach to the use of age-appropriate self assessment strategies
  3. Develop processes of more regular moderation of writing standards
  4. Ensure consistency of handwriting across the school to ensure a large percentage of children are in line with ARE.

Key Area 2: Mathematics: To ensure a greater number of children achieve 'greater depth' in mathematics.

  1. Impove the consistency across the school of the balance of maths teaching across the week/term/year:  number; arithmetic; problem solving and reasoning.
  2. Ensure the self-help skills and pupils' systems for self-evaluation are more consistent across classes.
  3. Support staff with qaulity resources for planning for mathematics with a particular focus on problem solving and reasoning.

Key Area 3: Science: to provide more opportunities for children to develop and apply their scientific thinking.

  1. To identify opportunities for further developing the science curriculum and formative assessment processes.
  2. Staff to fully understand the Age related expectations for each year group in science with a focus on 'thinking' and 'reasoning'.
  3. To provide high quality CPD to support staff in the planning, delivery and evaluation of the science curriculum.