Bumble Bee Class

Thursday 2nd  April

Good Morning Bumblebees

Did you have some sun yesterday morning?  I did and it was beautiful out in my garden.  I went to check on the progress of the bud I have been looking at and it has changed quite a bit over the week.  Did you manage to get outside today.  I have been really impressed with all the photos of you riding your bikes so confidently.

Did any of you play April fools jokes yesterday?  I know that some of the teachers played some good pranks with everlasting mazes and other activities.😂

I have seen some more great dens today and I had some videos of you reading stories and showing me the pictures too. When we get back to school I think you could take it in turns once a week to do story time.  I have also seen some lovely craft going on.  A couple of you have been making pompom craft.  

There is a different sort of creative challenge for you all today.  Enjoy - and don't forget to take pictures to send me.  I am trying to develop my computer skills so I might be able to make a collage of some of the photos which I can post to you all.  See you can keep learning new things even as an adult.

Have a great day,

Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Becca Mitchell

Reception Class Teacher; EYFS Lead and Maths Subject Leader

During our school closure period, you can contact me at r.mitchell@ropleyschool.hants.sch.uk

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Mrs Ellie Duddridge

Early Years Support 


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