Carpenter Bee Class

Week beginning 29th June 2020

Hi Carpenter Bees! 

I hope you are all okay, did you know that this week will be day 100 of Lockdown, that feels like an awfully long time, how much taller are you now than at the start? I know for the children I have seen in school and at the gate, clearly you have all been being like the giant in Jack and the Baked Beanstalk, as you are so much taller!! 

This week, your English is mainly based around creating a fact file about a bird, once you have done this, please can you send it to me so I can create hopefully and e-book (might have to find a technical person to help...!) and a new book for our book corner for you to enjoy when you're back at school. 

Your music this week is to listen to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, it is one of my favourite songs, and as he says at the beginning; 'Don't worry about a thing, cos every little things gonna be alright.' and it will be, so keep smiling and filling those buckets. :) 

I'm off to plant some sunflowers, they have, a bit like you, suddenly grown in the last week and need planting in my garden! 

Until next week, 

See you soon, 

Miss Richards 


I've made a video for you all - have a look: Miss Richards story reading

Miss Millie Richards

Carpenter Bee Class Teacher

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