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FROGS Committee and Class Reps

The 2023/2024 Committee are:

Cat D'Alton – Chair

Abby Bance – Treasurer

Vacant – Secretary

General Committee Members

Laura Silk 

Sarah Allen 

Amy Nettle 

Camilla Howling

Rebecca Jackson

Charlie Chute

John-Henry Wicks

Emily Budd

Miss Vittle (Headteacher)

TADPOLES Swimming Pool - Sub-Committee 

Laura Silk 

Bex Charlton

Anna Irwin

Sarah Allen

Charlotte Neill Treasurer (pending handover)

2nd Hand Uniform

Sarah Hilder

Sam Penhaligon

Annual Christmas Card Co-Ordinator

Tamsin Armstrong

Gardening Committee

Rosanna Godfrey

Sarah Hilder

Class Reps are vital to the running of FROGS and the school community as a whole!

There are usually 2 parent volunteers per class, they are the crucial link between individual classes, parents and FROGS, their role is to inform parents of upcoming events, send out helpful reminders, as well as organise the Class volunteers to help at the Class fundraiser as well as other events during the school year.

Class Reps for 2023/2024 are:

Bumblebee Class (Reception) – Flopsy Landrock-Mettam & Adrienne Holmes 

Honeybee Class (Y1) – Caz Bowden & Rhiannon Wicks

Carpenter Bee Class (Y2) – Tash Hillary & Hanji Howard

Nectar Class (Y3/4) – Vicky Wright, Caz Bowden & Amy Nettle

Honeycomb Class (Y4/5) – Vicky Mackrell

Bee Keeper Class (Y5/6) – Vicky Wright & Jane Kanaar