Friday 3rd April

Good morning Honeycomb class,

This is the last daily message for a couple of weeks until we return after the Easter holidays. We have loved receiving all the emails, photographs and even videos of your fabulous work, projects and your cheerful, smiling faces.

We have added a couple of extra activities today – these are just some ideas for over the holidays for you and maybe other people at home too. Please keep reading and writing your diary. If you haven’t started, maybe the holidays would be a great time to begin. Make it into a scrapbook, write about what you do, eat, play. Write poems, draw pictures, tell your diary how you’re feeling – anything goes!

I (Mrs Morgan) washed my windows! That may seem a little dull to some of you, but my son power washed the outside of the windows with the hose, which may appeal more! Finding ways to have fun with the everyday tasks around you might help pass the time.

I (Mrs Guy) went on a yellow ‘nature’ hunt whilst I was out on my walk and took photographs of every yellow flower I saw. You could try the same thing over the holidays, choose a different colour, a different theme (different trees, flowers, birds etc.) and create a collage when you get home. I used photos because you know how drawing is not my strength!!


We will be back very soon and in the meantime please stay safe, well and remember …keep filling those buckets, yours and others too!!

Mrs Guy and Mrs Morgan


Mrs Tessa Morgan and Mrs Louise Guy

Honeycomb Class Teachers

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