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Calculation Policy

 Our Calculation policy has been created to meet the expectations of the National Curriculum and the learning needs of our children at Ropley School. The policy has been organised by Year group considering the 2014 National Curriculum expectations which is grounded in the principles of skill development and 'mastery' and not about moving the children onto the next method as soon as they can do the one before. Click here to download the policy in pdf format,

Please see your child's teacher if you have any questions.


A number of parents have shown an interest in NUMICON and its potential for using at home to support children's mathematical thinking and understanding. NUMICON is a multi-sensory approach to teaching mathematics and designed to help children understand connections between numbers. Through the multi-sensory activities and mathematical language of NUMICON your child will develop the understanding and skills that underpin their later understanding of number.   

Click here to find out more or come in and see your child's teacher.