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Mental Health & Wellbeing in Young People

Lots of children, young people and adults can feel overwhelmed during the Christmas and festive season.  This is a link to the Sensory Survival Kit which has been provided by the Specialist Teacher Advisory Team at Hampshire.

Christmas Sensory Survival Kit


ADHD and Intense Emotions Information Website

Resources to support individuals and organisations working to nurture and protect children and young people following trauma. You will find articles, animations, videos, guidance, handouts, presentations and more — all created by the UK’s leading childhood trauma experts: UK Trauma Council

Camhs have developed several videos which are available to anyone. These are 10-15 min films focussed on supporting primary aged young people with their mental health. It is a series of activities they can try which will support good mental health. All the films do a check in which encourages young people to think about and understand their emotions.  

Soothing Rhythm Breathing

Peaceful Place imagery

Activity and Boredom Jar

Making a Self Soothe Box

Muscle Relaxation

Grounding Exercise

Body Scan

5 Finger Positive

Breathing Techniques

Goal Setting

Getting Sleep

Positive Affirmations

Colour Breathing

Our Bodies