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Ropley School Badge


  • White - Symbolic of purity and goodness.  Jesus (the Cross) at the centre of our lives will help us to grow in love and goodness.
  • Gold - symbolic of the best, something of great value, the highest award.  In all our work and play we should always be 'going for gold'.
  • Brown and Blue - We are travelling the 'journey of life' on the earth (brown) but surrounding us always is the love of God (blue and Heaven)


  • Hexagon - Honeycomb: Ropley bees are said to have provided honey for William the Conqueror.
  • The Plaque from the wall of the first school was hexagonal.  (The school is no longer standing but you can see the plaque in our entrance lobby.)

Our badge was designed by Mr Tony Gillian in 1976 when Ropley School celebrated its 150th anniversary.

The Cross

  • This is Ropley Church of England Primary School
  • The Reverend Samuel Maddock founded the first school in Petersfield Road in 1826 and also built the present school
  • It reminds us that Christ should be at the very centre of our lives, as the Cross is in the centre of our badge.

The Wheel

  • Reminds us of one of our founders, William Faichen, who was a wheelwright before he became Ropley's first schoolmaster in 1826.
  • It is a sign of progress and moving forward.  We should all be making progress and moving on.
  • Wheels are for journeys - the 'journey of life' - school is just one stage on our way.

Here is a poem written by Emma M about the badge:

Our Ropley Badge

A wheel for William Faichen 

A hexagon for King William

The first headmaster to lead Ropley school, 

Who liked Ropley honey, yummy and sweet,

We are all on a learning journey 

The bees remind us to work together

He set a great example for us all. 

Helping friends is such a treat.

Gold for perseverance

We must try to do our best,

Blue for the sky and our endless limit

Brown for God’s Earth and our rest.

The End