Bumble Bee Class

Friday 3rd April

Good morning Bumblebees

This is the last message for 2 weeks as it will be the Easter holidays.  Well done for working so well at home and for doing what your adults have asked you to do.  I have loved seeing what you have been getting up to.  To all the adults, thank you for everything you are doing with your children in this very stressful time.  Thank you for all the posts - it really keeps me going seeing how the children are enjoying the activities at home.  You are all doing a great job!

I want you to have lots of fun in the break I wonder if you will have an egg hunt in your garden or maybe decorate a hard boiled egg.  Maybe you could write a letter to the Easter bunny.  Don't forget to get outside and ride you bike or scooter, play football and throw and catch.  You might have a tennis or badminton set you could have a go with or set up another obstacle course.  I know on the classes page there will also be a Easter activity booklet you may like to have a go at.  Also remember to keep reading your books and looking at your tagged words.  If you make up any fun games with them let me know and maybe we could all have a go.  

I will speak to you in 2 weeks time and I'll have some more learning challenges for you to do at home.

Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Becca Mitchell

Reception Class Teacher; EYFS Lead and Maths Subject Leader

During our school closure period, you can contact me at r.mitchell@ropleyschool.hants.sch.uk

I will able to send and receive emails during the following hours on a school day

9:00am – 11:00am and 2:00pm – 4:00pm.


Mrs Ellie Duddridge

Early Years Support 


If you would like to access any websites which are useful for home learning, please visit our Home Learning page.