Bumble Bee Class

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Bumblebees

Do you know what day it is?  I keep forgetting and I am missing our day reminder we have in the classroom.

I heard that some of you were able to chat to each other yesterday, that must have been brilliant to be able to see your friends.  The teachers used zoom last night to have meeting and chat.  It was very different seeing them on a screen but it was good to catch up.  Just like you are missing your friends we also miss talking to each other, so it is so good that we can video chat.

I had a busy day working to day and managed to get out to the shops.  None of the shops I went to looked as good as your shops though!  Today I have seen some amazing dens that you have made for reading in.  I think I might build a den in my study so I can do my work on the lap-top in it.  Do you think that is a good idea?

It is April fools day today; have any of you played any jokes yet?

Have a great day today - It has been cold so I have my fingers crossed that it might be warmer .

Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Becca Mitchell

Reception Class Teacher; EYFS Lead and Maths Subject Leader

During our school closure period, you can contact me at r.mitchell@ropleyschool.hants.sch.uk

I will able to send and receive emails during the following hours on a school day

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Mrs Ellie Duddridge

Early Years Support 


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