Carpenter Bee Class

Friday 27th March

Hi Carpenter Bees! 

I can't believe it's Friday already! How has your week been? I know normally on a Friday we would have Whole School Worship, maybe you could sit down either with your family or somewhere quiet and think about how this week has gone. What are you proud of? What is something you might like to work on next week?

It has been a funny week, I've spent some of it in school with some of the children who have been in, but it is a very quiet place without you all there. Yesterday, I made some bread. It made me think of you all because I made rolls and the tin happened to have space for 19 rolls, one for each of you I thought! There's another reason why though, it is shaped like a honeycomb and all combines together to make one loaf of bread, which also reminds me of you. As a class, you have grown so much together, and throughout the year have learnt how to work as a group both in your learning and during playtimes. When we are back at school, I will bring the tin in and we can make some bread, then you will all be able to share the bread together!