Lock down Learning January 2021

The majority of our pupils are now learning remotely. School is open to children of critical workers and children identified as vulnerable in line with this government guidance.  Our Remote Education Provision document is also available to download at the bottom of this page.

Children in school are following the same learning content and timetable as those at home. Teachers and support staff are working hard to plan, prepare and provide feedback to all learners. We are managing blended learning by using a mixture of live lessons, recorded videos, power points with audio and instructions alongside feedback and task response. Our chosen digital platforms are Tapestry (Years R &1) and Microsoft Teams (All years).

The situation we find ourselves in is one where we all need to 'make the most' of what we have. We are all in very different situations with very different pressures on individual families relating to work, resources, time, space to name a few. Within the spirit of 'making the most' we also need to be kind to each other and to ourselves. We aim to provide you with guidance  regarding remote learning but understand if you need to adapt according to your needs. Please know that we are here to listen and chat through any queries you may have.

Please look at the following links on logging onto Teams and accessing work. This helpful video was made by Danesfield school who are helping us with our Teams use. There are some obvious differences between Ropley and Danesfield school (such as logins etc) but the video has such a lot of valuable information that is applicable to our setting that makes it worth sharing. How to use Teams 

Here is another video (also from Danesfield) showing you how Teams works across different devices Teams on different devices

We are also finding out that if you are accessing Teams on a tablet or phone then Word documents don't open very well. For this reason we will now always send a word and PDF version of a document to make it accessible for all. Remember, you don't have to complete work on a computer. You can write it on paper and either take a photo and send that in or simply let us know that you have completed the work.

You may have seen on social media that your child can access Teams via their X Box or PS4.  The details for how to do this are here.  We have not tried this so if you find an alternative way or this doesn't work please let us know!



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