Week beginning 13th July 2020

Hello Honey Bees!

It is our last full week together! I really hope you have a fantastic week! Thank you so much for your hard work since school closed. I have been so impressed with how far you have come.

This week we will be thinking a little bit about telling the time and also practising some of the important things we have learned in English this year such as CAPITAL LETTERS and full stops.

We will also continue to think about our five senses and will focus on taste, sound and sight.

I hope you enjoyed the Virtual Sports Week last week! We had fun doing the activities on the field but it was a bit rainy!

I hope you have a really good week! Enjoy the sunshine!

Love from Ms Pandey x

Here is a story for you The Honey Bee and the Robber

Here is a message from Honey Bees Message from Honey Bees

Here is a link to the Gigantosaurus story book that I have made for you. I hope you enjoy it!


Ms Claire Pandey

Honey Bees Teacher

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