Friday 27th March

Hi Honeycombers,

It’s Friday already! Thank you so much for all of the work, photos and jokes(!) that you have been sending us – you have obviously been working very hard. Well done for the super effort!

I have been doing some zen doodling today while I was listening to an audio book and I found it very relaxing. I hope you have a go today, try listening to some music or listen to a story at the same time. Maybe try one form the Audible website or catch David Walliams when he reads a story live at 11:00am (see the daily activity page for web links).

Sounds great Mrs Guy, today I practised finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I noticed how the sky turned pink yesterday evening, and watched as my cat Ziggy chased a feather across my garden! I listened to David Walliams yesterday and would highly recommend giving the live stories a go.

We know some of you have already created a rainbow picture for your window; we would love to see those. Miss Richards has seen some when she has been out for her daily walk and said they most definitely brought a smile to her face.

Enjoy the sunshine today, take care, be kind to each other and keep positive,

From Mrs Guy and Mrs Morgan

Mrs Tessa Morgan and Mrs Louise Guy

Honeycomb Class Teachers

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