Friday 3rd April

Hello Nectar Class,

Well it is the last day of term before the Easter holidays - we've had an interesting few weeks haven't we?

Thank you for all the emails you have sent me and Milo - you are all doing so well.  Well done to everyone who wrote a short story section based on Marshmallows - I've seen you all put in so much effort.   Enjoy your two weeks of choosing whatever you and your family would like to do together.  Remember to fill as many people's buckets as you can 🙂.

We've got a quieter day planned here - we'll definitely be curling up with a book at some point and Eddie still needs to get around the agility course in one go.  We are planning to start making Easter cards and rainbows to send to our grandparents too.

Best wishes and keep safe.


Ms O'Shea and Milo (he's found a better place to watch what's going on - much higher up, can you see him?)



Ms Helena O'Shea

Nectar Class Teacher

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