The Ropley Staff Team 2017-18

Headteacher Mrs Clare Molyneux
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Clare Farrell   
Class 5/6 Teacher Mrs Pippa Burrows & Mrs Clare Farrell
Class 4/5 Teacher Miss Millie Richards & Mrs Clare Farrell
Class 3/4 Teacher Mr Chris Noyce & Mrs Clare Farrell
Year 2 Teacher Mrs Barbara Dunn and Mrs Clare Farrell
Year 1 Teacher Ms Claire Pandey
Reception Class Teacher Mrs Becca Mitchell
SENCO Mrs Jenny Roberts
HLTA Miss Anne Marshall
ELSA Miss Kayleigh Brown
Early Years Support  Mrs Jo Rodgers
The Office Staff Mrs Maria Burr and Mrs Clare Gamble
Caretaker Mr Chris Brown
Learning & SEN support; Lunchtime Cover Mrs Julie Fairey
  Mrs Wendy Varnham
  Mrs Catherine Hebditch
  Mrs Alex Hardie
  Mrs Nikki Riden
  Mrs Sue Hill
  Julia Beaumont
  Miss Charlotte Mills
  Mrs Kim Brown
  Mrs Lisette Oxenham
  Mrs Lyn Thompson
Lacrosse Coach Ms Julia Bose
Multi-skills and Running Coach Mrs Clare Wise