The Ropley Staff Team 2019-20

Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Sarah Vittle

Bee Keeper Class Teachers

Mrs Debbie Taylor and Mrs Lara Silvester-Noott

Honeycomb Class Teachers

Mrs Barbara Dunn and Mrs Tessa Morgan






Nectar Class Teacher

Ms Helena O'Shea


Carpenter Bee Class Teacher

Miss Millie Richards






Honey Bee Class Teacher

Ms Claire Pandey

Bumblebee Class Teacher; EYFS Lead and Maths Subject Leader

Mrs Becca Mitchell




Mrs Jenny Roberts

ELSA; LSA Level 3; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Kayleigh Brown

Extended Day Manager

Mrs Kairen Watson


Admin Officer

Mrs Maria Burr

Senior Admin Assistant Mrs Clare Gamble
Site Manager

Mr Paul Burr


Learning and SEN Support

Mrs Catherine Hebditch

Learning and SEN Support

Mrs Alex Hardie



Learning and SEN Support

Mrs Sue Hill

Learning and SEN Support

Mrs Kim Brown



Learning and SEN Support; Lunchtime Cover; Breakfast Bees

Mrs Lynn Thompson

Learning and SEN Support; Extended Day Assistant

Ms Kate Vosmek





Early Years Support

Miss Hannah Hickley


Early Years Support; Extended Day Assistant

Ms Annie Kirstein




Extended Day Assistant

Ms Sophie Kerr



Midday Supervisor Mrs Sam Penhaligon
Midday Supervisor

Mrs Katarina Mathewson




Lacrosse Coach

Ms Julia Bose



Multi-skills Coach

Mr George Gough



School Cook Mrs Michelle Kemp
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Dee Young