Staff and Governors

staffWelcome to the Ropley School staff and governors who all work together to make the school the place it is. 

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We are currently recruiting for a Parent Governor to join our Governing Body.

Being a school governor is a challenging but hugely rewarding role. It will give you the chance to make a real difference to our school and our children, give something back to your local community and use and develop your skills in a board-level environment. We are seeking to recruit two new governors to the full governing body, so we have balance and diversity of knowledge, skills and experience across the board.  

As a Governor, you would be able to support us in the following ways:

  1. Support and challenge the Head Teacher to improve the outcomes of our children.
  2. Use your own professional knowledge to contribute to conversations and debates.
  3. Develop and utilise your skills in a board-level environment
  4. Make a valuable contribution to the ongoing development and education of our school.
  5. Bring your unique experiences, perspectives and insights in to decision-making in the interests of the school community 

What school governors do?

The Board provides strategic leadership and accountability in schools. It has the following key functions;

  1. Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  2. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent
  4. Ensuring the arrangement of Health & Safety for the pupils and staff is being well managed and maintained

Governors set the aims and objectives for the school and set the policies and targets for achieving those aims and objectives. Governors monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making and act as a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher.

Your actions will include:

  1. Appointing and performance reviewing the Headteacher, including making decisions about pay
  2. Managing budgets and deciding how money is spent
  3. Engaging with pupils, staff, parents and the school community
  4. Visiting the school to monitor the school’s performance
  5. Addressing a range of educational and care issues within the school including disadvantaged pupils, pupils with special needs, staff workload and teacher/practitioner recruitment
  6. Looking at data and evidence to ask questions and have challenging conversations about the school

Your Commitment to Ropley:

Your commitment as a governor will require you to;

  1. Attend 6 two hour Full Governing Body meetings during each academic year
  2. Review and ensure that school policies are compliant with National and County requirements
  3. Visit the school and monitor that the Head Teacher and staff are fulfilling and meeting the requirements of the School Improvement Plan
  4. Attend internal events held in school

The total commitment time throughout the academic year is typically 40-50 hours.

For further details or to request an application form please call the school office on 01962 772381.  An application can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.